National Collective Subscription Service

The Association has an arrangement with Tamedia AG, the publisher of the leading Swiss newspapers and magazines, benefiting of all LSE alumnae and alumni resident in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Through our National Collective Subscription Service, LSE alumnae and alumni can subscribe to the Tages-Anzeiger, Sonntags-Zeitung, Finanz und Wirtschaft, Schweizer Familie, Der Bund and Tribune de Geneve at sharply reduced corporate rates. The Service covers both current and new subscribers among the LSE alumnae and alumni as well as businesses associated with LSE alumnae and alumni up to a certain size.

  • If you are a current subscriber of any of the listed publications, you are eligible for savings of up to CHF 145 per year. Delivery and access to your paper will not be interrupted and your current subscription will be transitioned pro-rata.
  • If you would be a new subscriber, who can remove the paywalls by taking advantage of the lowest rates.
  • Apart from individual LSE alumnae and alumni, the Association accepts bulk subscriptions of up to 50 per publication from small- to medium-sized businesses affiliated with LSE alumnae and alumni.

The Service is managed by the Association. The Officers of the Association handle all invoicing and customer service. All subscriptions run for 12-months. The subscription charges are all immediately payable and non-refundable. For each of the publications, subscriptions will only be activated and charged if more than 10 LSE alumnae and alumni subscribe in any given billing cycle.

Membership of the Association is not required but desired. Membership dues help fund the Service.

After you submit a subscription request, the Benefits & Services Officers will notify you by e-mail as soon as 10 or more subscription requests for a publication have been collected and will activate your subscription. You will receive the invoice in the postal mail from the Association Treasury.


  Print Edition  Digital Edition 
  SLSEAA Rate (2020): Regular Rate (2020): SLSEAA Rate (2020): Regular Rate (2020):
Tages-Anzeiger 432 (25%)
576 202 (35%)
Sonntags-Zeitung 168 (25%)
224 78 (35%)
Finanz und Wirtschaft     218 (35%)
Schweizer Familie 183 (20%)
229 104 (35%)
Der Bund 434 (25%)
579 249 (35%)
Tribune de Geneve 528 (20%) 660 226 (35%) 348


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