Private Air Service

Do you fly between Zurich and London? The Association has arranged special terms with Surf Air, the first private air travel club of its kind offering all-you-can-fly service for one monthly fee. Scheduled private air service with executive aircraft between Zurich and London will start on 25 September 2017. Surf Air will donate 5 percent of tickets sales to the LSE Alumnae and Alumni Foundation of Switzerland, the national scholarship foundation co-founded by the Association.

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Career Development Mentoring (CDM) Programme

The Association's Career Development Mentoring (CDM) Programme has two complimentary aims: First, the Programme helps recent LSE graduates, Mentees, to develop their professional careers supported by personal Mentors, who are fellow LSE alumnae and alumni with experience of one or several decades in their Mentee's chosen career field. Second, the Programme gives seasoned professionals a rewarding way to share their work experiences with those who are just starting on their career trajectory.

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British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce Membership

The Association is a special corporate member of the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce (BSCC) and, by special arrangement, all members of the Swiss LSE Alumni Association (SLSEAA) have access to any of the many Chamber events and activities. This member benefit aims to supplement the personal networking at Association events with more business-oriented networking opportunities. The BSCC offers a rich and varied programme of business events featuring keynote speakers, seminars and workshops. Additionally, the Chamber will, from time to time, hold events in partnership with the Association.

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Complimentary JobAgent Account

x28 operates "JobAgent", the leading job search engine in Switzerland, which trawls daily the websites of 300'000 Swiss companies for vacancies. Due to proprietary semantic enrichment technology, "JobAgent" can not only find vacancies but also compare and interpret them. An e-mail alert service will immediately notify you if a new suitable vacancy has been announced by a company. At any time, you will have access to around 12'000 management jobs including a significant number of C-level vacancies.

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