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You are visiting the new Web site of the Swiss LSE Alumni Association (http://www.slseaa.ch) launched on 1 January 2016. This site is maintained in parallel to the old Web site of the Association (http://www.slseaa2.ch), set up in 1998. Once the hundreds of pages and graphics of the old site have been migrated and adapted to this new site, the old site will be switched off. Employing the latest Web technologies, our new site has a clean layout and better readable typography, enhanced by lovingly crafted details and subdued effects. Video streaming, first deployed last year, is fully integrated. The site dynamically adapts to different display sizes, from PC monitors to smartphones. Feel free to browse and use. Would you like to see specific features in our new Web site. E-mail your wishes and comments to the Secretary General of the Swiss LSE Alumni Association, Marcel Bigger.

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"Bon voyage, students! Welcome back, new graduates!"

Wednesday, 16 August 2017 Geneva and Zurich 18:00
Social Networking Students: Free; Alums: PAYG

New and returning LSE students, you are cordially invited, prior to going up to London, to link up with alumnae and alumni of the School for some insider information on life in London and thereafter. All students will enjoy complimentary drinks, courtesy of LSE alumnae and alumni. Students are welcome to bring their parents or siblings with them.

LSE alumnae and alumni, especially the graduating classes of recent years, come to connect with the older alums and to wish our new and returning students a "bon voyage" for their LSE journey, giving them some tips to make the best out of their time at the School.

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Membership Journal "Foreign Affairs"

We believe it important to reflect on international relations and the big issues of our day. Hence, we have chosen the leading publication in the field, "Foreign Affairs", as our new membership journal. You will receive the 6 annual issues for free as part of your membership in the Swiss LSE Alumni Association.

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