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The Swiss LSE Alumni Association (SLSEAA) is the consequence of individual desires to continue the unique LSE experience and the human need to connect to other people. For close to a quarter century, the Association has been at the forefront of organizing and hosting activities and events and of arranging and managing benefits and services for the 2'200+ alumnae and alumni of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), who are citizens or permanent residents of Switzerland. Additionally, the Association supports LSE students financially through the co-established LSE Alumnae and Alumni Foundation of Switzerland and organizationally through Swiss Student Central. The Association's support for the School is recognized in the "Swiss Alumnae and Alumni Group Study Room" in the School library.

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Annual Reunion and General Meeting 2024

Sunday, 30 June 2024 Online 20:00 - 21:30
Governance Free

The online format of our Annual Reunion and General Meeting during the last 4 years has enabled more members to participate. To have your say in the running of your Association could not be easier. Join, discuss and decide.

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Collective Purchasing of Daily Newspaper Subscriptions

The Association purchases subscriptions in bulk from Tamedia AG, the publisher of the leading Swiss newspapers and magazines, on behalf of LSE alumnae and alumni resident in Switzerland. Through this benefit, LSE alumnae and alumni can subscribe to the Tages-Anzeiger and the Tribune de Geneve at sharply reduced rates. The digital access offers vastly more content compared to the printed newspapers.

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