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20 Year Jubilee of the Swiss LSE Alumni AssociationOur Association celebrated its 20 Year Jubilee in 2018. We looked back to over 200 activities and events, which have connected LSE alumnae and alumni to each other, and to the assembly of a large portfolio of benefits and services, which support LSE alumnae and alumni in their private and professional lives, true to our motto "Advancing Alumnae and Alumni". Additionally, we held two very successful fundraising campaigns, the first being recognized with the "Swiss Alumnae and Alumni Group Study Room" at the School and the second culminating in the establishment of our national scholarship foundation, the LSE Alumnae and Alumni Foundation of Switzerland. The Foundation will award its first scholarship this year.

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"Bon voyage, students! Welcome back, new graduates!"

Thursday, 29 August 2019 Zurich and Geneva 18:00
Social Networking Students: Free; Alums: PAYG

New and returning LSE students, you are cordially invited, prior to going up to London, to link up with alumnae and alumni of the School for some insider information on life in London and thereafter. All students will enjoy complimentary drinks, courtesy of LSE alumnae and alumni. Students are welcome to bring their parents or siblings with them.

LSE alumnae and alumni, especially the graduating classes of recent years, come to connect with the older alums and to wish our new and returning students a "bon voyage" for their LSE journey, giving them some tips to make the best out of their time at the School.

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Annual Reunion and General Meeting 2019

Saturday, 22 June 2019 Aarau 13:00 - 15:00
Governance SLSEAA Members: CHF 68; Non-member LSE alumnae and alumni: CHF 98

The town of Aarau is hosting the Swiss Federal Gymnastics Festival for an impressive seventh time since 1832. Be there to see some 62'000 gymnasts from 2'344 clubs flaunt their skills. 150'000 visitors are expected. The largest multi-sport event in Switzerland takes place every 6 years. Having just come out of our 20 Year Jubilee, join us to have your say in the running of one of the most active independent and autonomous national associations of LSE alumnae and alumni worldwide.

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