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20 Year Jubilee of the Swiss LSE Alumni AssociationOur Association celebrated its 20 Year Jubilee in 2018. We looked back to over 200 activities and events, which have connected LSE alumnae and alumni to each other, and to the assembly of a large portfolio of benefits and services, which support LSE alumnae and alumni in their private and professional lives, true to our motto "Advancing Alumnae and Alumni". Additionally, we held two very successful fundraising campaigns, the first being recognized with the "Swiss Alumnae and Alumni Group Study Room" at the School and the second culminating in the establishment of our national scholarship foundation, the LSE Alumnae and Alumni Foundation of Switzerland. The Foundation will award its first scholarship this year.

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Paul Drake on the Inside Angle Show

Thursday, 22 October 2020 Live Broadcast 20:00 - 20:45
The Inside Angle Show Free

"The Inside Angle" is a laid-back talk and interview show featuring LSE alumnae and alumni and other guests discussing their work, ventures and adventures for insight and enjoyment. Produced and hosted by the Officers of the Association, regular show episodes are broadcasted live on YouTube.

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The Association has entered into an agreement with Migrol AG, the large Swiss oil company and influential subsidiary of Migros, to give LSE alumnae and alumni cheaper fuel for their private vehicles and special terms for related services.

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