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20 Year Jubilee of the Swiss LSE Alumni AssociationOur Association will be celebrating its 20 Year Jubilee in 2018. We will then be looking back to over 200 activities and events, which have connected LSE alumnae and alumni to each other, and to the assembly of a large portfolio of benefits and services, which support LSE alumnae and alumni in their private and professional lives, true to our motto "Advancing Alumnae and Alumni". Additionally, we held two very successful fundraising campaigns, the first being recognized with the "Swiss Alumnae and Alumni Group Study Room" at the School and the second culminating in the establishment of our national scholarship foundation, the LSE Alumnae and Alumni Foundation of Switzerland. The Foundation will award its first scholarship during our Jubilee Year. Several special Jubilee events and projects are planned for 2018. If you would enjoy getting involved, contact the Secretary General of the Swiss LSE Alumni Association, Marcel Bigger.

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Gala Dinner with HM Ambassador Jane Owen

Thursday, 4 October 2018 Lugano 19:00 - 22:00
Business and Social Networking SLSEAA Members and their guests: CHF 100; Non-member LSE alumnae and alumni: CHF 140

You and your partner and guests are cordially invited to a Gala Dinner with Her Majesty's Ambassador to Switzerland, Jane Owen, who will address the theme "UK and Switzerland: A New Partnership?". The Dinner will also feature an outstanding recital by Silvan Zingg, who has been described by the critics as an exceptional pianist, best known for his technique and cheerful enthusiasm.

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Membership Journal "Foreign Affairs"

We believe it important to reflect on international relations and the big issues of our day. Hence, we have chosen the leading publication in the field, "Foreign Affairs", as our new membership journal. You will receive the 6 annual issues for free as part of your membership in the Swiss LSE Alumni Association.

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