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Membership Journal "Foreign Affairs"

We believe it important to reflect on international relations and the big issues of our day. Hence, we have chosen the leading publication in the field, "Foreign Affairs", as our new membership journal. You will receive the 6 annual issues for free as part of your membership in the Swiss LSE Alumni Association.

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Private Air Service

Do you fly between Zurich and London? The Association has arranged special terms with Surf Air, the first private air travel club of its kind offering all-you-can-fly service for one monthly fee. Scheduled private air service with executive aircraft between Zurich and London will start on 25 September 2017. Surf Air will donate 5 percent of tickets sales to the LSE Alumnae and Alumni Foundation of Switzerland, the national scholarship foundation co-founded by the Association.

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Career Development Mentoring (CDM) Programme

The Association's Career Development Mentoring (CDM) Programme has two complimentary aims: First, the Programme helps recent LSE graduates, Mentees, to develop their professional careers supported by personal Mentors, who are fellow LSE alumnae and alumni with experience of one or several decades in their Mentee's chosen career field. Second, the Programme gives seasoned professionals a rewarding way to share their work experiences with those who are just starting on their career trajectory.

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British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce Membership

The Association is a special corporate member of the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce (BSCC) and, by special arrangement, all members of the Swiss LSE Alumni Association (SLSEAA) have access to any of the many Chamber events and activities. This member benefit aims to supplement the personal networking at Association events with more business-oriented networking opportunities. The BSCC offers a rich and varied programme of business events featuring keynote speakers, seminars and workshops. Additionally, the Chamber will, from time to time, hold events in partnership with the Association.

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Complimentary JobAgent Account

x28 operates "JobAgent", the leading job search engine in Switzerland, which trawls daily the websites of 300'000 Swiss companies for vacancies. Due to proprietary semantic enrichment technology, "JobAgent" can not only find vacancies but also compare and interpret them. An e-mail alert service will immediately notify you if a new suitable vacancy has been announced by a company. At any time, you will have access to around 12'000 management jobs including a significant number of C-level vacancies.

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True Wealth Management

Take advantage of True Wealth's unique services by investing in a globally diversified portfolio of low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs), built for better returns and greater transparency. As a member of the Association, you benefit from a fee reduction of 50% in your first year.

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The Association has entered into an agreement with Migrol AG, the large Swiss oil company and influential subsidiary of Migros, to give LSE alumnae and alumni cheaper fuel for their private vehicles and special terms for related services.

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Collective Insurance Schemes for Cars, Motorcycles and Road Assistance

Motor vehicle insurance coverage is required by federal law. Our Collective Car and Motorcycle Insurance Schemes offer straightforward and comprehensive coverage. Make sure your next uphill ride doesn’t turn into a financial downturn by taking out suitable insurance. As a member, you benefit from lower premiums on car and motorcycle insurance as well as assistance coverage.

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Collective Insurance Schemes for Home Contents, Personal Liability and Buildings

Whether you own or rent an apartment, house, vacation apartment or vacation home, our Collective Home Contents and Buildings Insurance Schemes offer comprehensive coverage for your worldly possessions. A claim against third parties or entities can get very expensive, very quickly. Our Collective Personal Liability Insurance Scheme is your solution for protection in the event of a loss. As a member, you benefit from lower premiums on home contents, personal liability and buildings insurance.

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Collective Health Insurance Scheme

The Association has concluded an agreement with SWICA providing collective health insurance cover for all members of the Association. SWICA is one of the leading healthcare organisations in Switzerland offering long-term financial security and optimal medical care in the event of illness, accident and maternity to its 1.3 million insured.

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New Member Referral Programme

You can help build a great alumni programme by referring LSE alumnae and alumni, whether fresh graduates or old boys and girls, for membership in the Swiss LSE Alumni Association, one of the leading national associations of LSE alumnae and alumni worldwide. As one of the most enthusiastic LSE fans and for your efforts of recruiting 8 new members, you will have your annual dues fully paid for you for the next 2 years. It's a donation to you by all members of the Association so that you will enjoy free membership for 2 years. This offer is cumulative, i.e. if you refer 16 new members you'll enjoy 4 years of free membership or if you refer 40 new members you'll enjoy a decade of free membership.

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Personal Communications

Never learn about an LSE alumnae and alumni activity or event after it already took place. Never miss out on any new benefit or service for LSE alumnae and alumni.  As a member you will receive personal communications on all activities, events, benefits and services of the Association.

Low to No Contribution to Event Costs

The Association often pays event venues and other suppliers in advance to ensure financial transparency, to secure attractive space, by requirement or for other practical reasons. Whenever that is the case, the Association may ask LSE alumnae and alumni and their guests to help cover some of these costs. Members of the Association always pay a lower or no contribution to these event costs.

Privileged Event Admission

Some of the Association's events are heavily oversubscribed. As a member of the Association, however, you will be first allocated the limited number of event tickets before all others.

Member for Members

"Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno" is a Latin phrase translating to "One for all, all for one". The phrase is the motto of the Swiss Confederation and the byline of our "Member for Members" benefits programme. Under the programme, members are given the opportunity to offer their own benefits and services to their fellow members. If you own a company, have authored a book or are pursuing a special venture, consider offering special terms on goods and services to members of the Association.

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Office Supplies

Individual LSE alumnae and alumni enjoy a permanent rebate of 20% on all office supplies and small-and-medium-sized businesses associated with LSE alumnae and alumni will be offered equally attractive terms.

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Save money by taking advantage of permanent discounts of up to 25% on 200'000 products offered to LSE alumnae and alumni by Brack, one of Switzerland's largest online shops.

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National Collective Subscription Service

The Association has an arrangement with Tamedia AG, the publisher of the leading Swiss newspapers and magazines, benefiting of all LSE alumnae and alumni resident in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Through our National Collective Subscription Service, LSE alumnae and alumni can subscribe to the Tages-Anzeiger, Sonntags-Zeitung, Finanz und Wirtschaft, Schweizer Familie, Der Bund and Tribune de Geneve at sharply reduced corporate rates. The Service covers both current and new subscribers among the LSE alumnae and alumni as well as businesses associated with LSE alumnae and alumni up to a certain size.

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Schweizer Monat

Switzerland's oldest monthly magazine, first published in 1921, is renown for its many international authors writing about topical issues in politics, economics and culture. Throughout its long contribution to liberal debate, the magazine has also featured LSE professors, Friedrich August von Hayek and Sir Karl Popper among them. The publisher is delighted to introduce the magazine to Members of the Association with a 20 percent discounted subscription for the first year.

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SCHULER St. JakobsKellerei

LSE alumnae and alumni, who love wines and want to restock their private cellars, enjoy through the Association a terrific 20 percent discount on the list prices of wines offered by Switzerland's oldest wine house.

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Le Temps

Founded in 1998, Le Temps is the newspaper of record of French-speaking Switzerland. Members of the Association are offered a 20 percent discount on new and renewed subscriptions to Le Temps.

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PME Magazine

PME Magazine was launched in 1989 as a French-speaking Swiss business magazine and has become a key information resource of the Western Swiss business sector. Members of the Association are offered a 20 percent discount on new and renewed subscriptions to PME Magazine.

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New York Times

The Association is a corporate subscriber of the New York Times. As a result, LSE alumnae and alumni in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein can get the New York Times for a nominal cover charge of CHF 78 (SLSEAA members) respectively CHF 102 per year (non-members). A regular subscription costs CHF 430.

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The "Handelszeitung" is the nation's leading business newspaper, since 1861. Members of the Association are offered a 20 percent discount on new and renewed subscriptions to the "Handelszeitung". Alongside in-depth company profiles, current economic and business issues are presented weekly to a German-speaking readership.

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BILANZ is the leading Swiss business magazine covering all facets of economic life: research on the corporate world, analyses on the economy, investment topics and advice on how to spend money tastefully. Members of the Association are offered a 20 percent discount on new and renewed subscriptions of BILANZ.

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Global Policy Journal

Global Policy is an innovative and interdisciplinary journal bringing together world class academics and leading practitioners to analyse both public and private solutions to global problems and issues. It focuses on understanding globally relevant risks and collective action problems; policy challenges that have global impact; and competing and converging discourses about global risks and policy responses. It also includes case studies of policy with clear lessons for other countries and regions; how policy responses, politics and institutions interrelate at the global level; and the conceptual, theoretical and methodological innovations needed to explain and develop policy in these areas.

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Bespoke Tailoring in the English Tradition

Can the English gentleman and gentlewoman afford to sustain a heroic resistence to all what is "Made in China"? He and she can with, at the very least, bespoke tailoring in the English tradition. As a practical alternative to visiting a Savile Row tailor in London, you can commission bespoke shirts from the Fine Cotton Company under special member pricing in Switzerland.

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