New Member Referral Programme

You can help build a great alumni programme by referring LSE alumnae and alumni, whether fresh graduates or old boys and girls, for membership in the Swiss LSE Alumni Association, one of the leading national associations of LSE alumnae and alumni worldwide. As one of the most enthusiastic LSE fans and for your efforts of recruiting 8 new members, you will have your annual dues fully paid for you for the next 2 years. It's a donation to you by all members of the Association so that you will enjoy free membership for 2 years. This offer is cumulative, i.e. if you refer 16 new members you'll enjoy 4 years of free membership or if you refer 40 new members you'll enjoy a decade of free membership.

To get all of your many referrals properly credited to your name, ask each new member to fill in your first and last name in the input field "Referred by Member" during the application process.

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