New York Times

The Association is a corporate subscriber of the New York Times. As a result, alumnae and alumni in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein can get the New York Times for a nominal cover charge of CHF 88 (SLSEAA members) respectively CHF 108 per year (non-members).

First published in 1851, the New York Times, nicknamed "The Grey Lady", is one of the world's most trusted daily newspapers. It has won 130 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other news organization. With over 30 foreign bureaus, the NYT covers all regions of the world.

Under the long-term agreement between the Association and the New York Times Company, alumnae and alumni get unlimited access, anytime and anywhere, through any device, including to the full archives from 1851. One of the motivations for the SLSEAA to offer the NYT is to give alumnae and alumni well-researched reporting, analysis and commentaries on the world and under the profound changes in the international systems.

Initial access is for 12 months and, thereafter, you will be queried if you would like to continue to have access. For members, access will automatically end upon resignation. You are liable for the nominal cover charge (CHF 88 respectively CHF 108) at the time you apply or reapply for a subscription. The nominal cover charge is immediately payable and non-refundable and its amount is determined by your membership status on the date of subscription or re-subscription.

If you are a Member of the Association, please log in now to receive the lower member-only price. Non-members proceed without logging in.

Your benefits & services: New York Times (Annual Subscription Window closed)

The annual window to subscribe to the New York Times under the Association's corporate agreement with the publisher has closed for the current year. Look out for the announcement of the subscription window next year.

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