MasterClass is the streaming platform where you can learn from the world's best. Alumnae and alumni get unlimited access to all 90+ instructors across 9 categories. Stream anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.

Listed below are some of the great minds, who would be teaching you:

Sara Blakely teaches self-made entrepreneurship (3.5 hours)
Jodie Foster, Werner Herzog and Spike Lee teach film-making (13 hours)
Helen Mirren teaches acting (6 hours)
Bob Woodward teaches investigative journalism (4.5 hours)
Gordon Ramsay and Wolfgang Puck teach cooking (12 hours)
Salman Rushdie teaches storytelling and writing (4 hours)
Jane Goodall teaches conservation (5 hours)
Matthew Walker teaches the science of better sleep (3 hours)
Annie Leibovitz teaches photography (3 hours)
Garry Kasparov teaches chess (7 hours)
Christina Aguilera teaches singing (4 hours)

... and many other world-renowned practitioners.

The Association is concluding an unique corporate subscription deal with MasterClass. All alumnae and alumni, members and non-members alike, will have access to all classes for the next 12 months for a low nominal charge of CHF 85 pp. On-boarding ends on Sunday, 17 January 2021, at noon! Don't miss the deadline. We can think of no reason why you wouldn't want to take advantage of all of this.

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