The Founders' Dinner

Thursday, 7 November 2019 Berne 19:40
Debate and Social Networking Individuals: CHF 60; Couples: CHF 110

The Officers of the Swiss LSE Alumni Association cordially invite you and your partner, on occasion of the 21st anniversary of the foundation of the Association and the 124th anniversary of the foundation of the School, on Thursday, 7 November, to our traditional Founders' Dinner. Guests are welcome.

We will be dining in the historic Marzili Quarter just below the Federal Palace of Switzerland. Dress is black tie (or dark suit).
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Debating the future of work

As with each Founders' Dinner, we will debate a hot button issue. The emergence of the Internet, the globalization it has fueled and the digitalization it has enabled has created a fourth industrial revolution which can be expected to have an enormous bearing on the workplace and the labor market. What will be the future of work? Will everybody have work? What about economic security in automated and gig economies?


The motion is: "This House believes that talk of disruptive changes from big data, automation and artificial intelligence is just hype and that the most likely scenario is a slow gradual evolution of the nature of work as widespread automation and further digitalization will take decades if not centuries and depend on the feasibility and cost of technological solutions and their social, political and legal acceptance."



Tick off an item on your Swiss bucket list and take the Marzili Funicular from the side of the Federal Palace down to the restaurant! Built in 1885, it is one of shortest funiculars in Europe and was originally water-powered. The restaurant is a 10-minutes walk with a fun funicular ride from the train station.

Recommended trains: IC1 from Zurich 18:32-19:40, IC1 to Zurich 22:19 - 23:31, IC61 from Basle 18:31-19:35, IC6 to Basle 22:36-23:38

Founded in 1998 as a Swiss membership organisation proudly independent and autonomous of the School, the Association is today one of the largest and most active national organisations of LSE alumnae and alumni worldwide. The SLSEAA has made a substantial leadership gift to the Campaign for LSE and is recognized with the "Swiss Alumnae and Alumni Group Study Room" in the School library. The SLSEAA and individual members of the SLSEAA have co-established the "LSE Alumnae and Alumni Foundation of Switzerland" under federal supervision. The Foundation awards scholarships and personal research grants to students from Switzerland.


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