Annual Reunion and General Meeting 2020

Sunday, 28 June 2020 Online 10:00 - 11:00
Governance Free

The world has changed. The epidemiological, social and economic effects of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic will linger on for a long time. Fundamental shifts create unique opportunities, and the Association is taking advantage of them by conducting its General Meeting for the first time as a video conference with secure live online voting. To have your say in the running of your Association will never be easier. Join and shape.

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10:00 - 11:00

General Meeting
Venue: Video Conference

  • Order-of-Business Download (129.71 KB)
  • Minutes of the 2019 General Meeting Download (129.5 KB)
  • Motion 1-1 for the Approval of the Minutes of last year's General Meeting Download (96.8 KB)
  • Motion 2-1 for the Approval of the Annual Report 2019 Download (99.59 KB)
  • External Audit
    • Report of the External Auditors (log-in required)
    • Explanatory Comments on the Financial Accounts 2019 (log-in required)
  • Motion 4-1 for the Approval of the Annual Accounts 2019 Download (99.76 KB)
    • Financial Accounts 2019 (log-in required)
  • Motion 5-1 for the Discharge of the Officers for the Financial Year 2019 Download (96.96 KB)
  • Motion 6-1 for the Joint Election of Ordinary Members to various Officerships Download (126.97 KB)
    • Officer Candidate Declaration of Charlotte Guan Cert 2019 (log-in required)
    • Officer Candidate Declaration of Ekaterina Chernova MSc 2002 (log-in required)
    • Officer Candidate Declaration of Penny Wilkie BSc 2004 (log-in required)
    • Officer Candidate Declaration of Tallulah Baer MSc 2019 (log-in required)
    • Terms-of-References 2020-2028 Download (170.86 KB)
    • Office Candidate Declaration Form Download (121.99 KB)
    • Electoral Regulations Download (8.8 KB)
  • Motion 7-1 for the Commission of an Unelected Volunteer in the Treasury Download (97.13 KB)
  • Motion 8-1 for the Expulsions from membership because of excessive dues debts
  • Information about activities of the current year and outlook for the next year
  • Motion 10-1 for the Authorization of Awards to LSE alumnae and alumni who have been Members of the Association for a quarter or half a century Download (100.44 KB)


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