News & Views August 2015

Career-related member benefit, health-related member benefit, campus redevelopment, City joins University and the call for volunteeres


Career-related Member Benefit

Graduating students and other members looking to make their next career move are welcome to use "JobAgent". You will have access to around 12'000 management jobs in Switzerland including a significant number of C-level vacancies. The premium account in "JobAgent", worth CHF 48, is free to members of the SLSEAA. Request a SLSEAA-sponsored account at:


Health-related Member Benefit

An agreement between the Association and SWICA gives collective health insurance cover to all members of the Association. Members of the Association can take advantage of discounts of 10 to 20 percent in regard to supplementary and hospital insurance plans. Members, who already are clients of SWICA, may enjoy all the benefits from our new collective health insurance scheme while keeping their current insurance policies. All other members will be able to move under the scheme starting in 2016.

Members, who have returned the sign-up form in the last few months, will be contacted by SWICA in the next few weeks. Members, who want to take advantage of the scheme but have not returned the form yet, must do so by 15 August. Please use the paper form and the SLSEAA business reply envelope you got in the postal mail, or visit:

where you can find the form to print out and mail.

Speaking of good health, LSE alumni sports is a great way to improve your fitness while having a blast. Our sports team, the "London Dragons", is next in action in the Romandie on 6 September. Sign up at:


Campus Redevelopment

Demolition of most of the centre of campus, which has started last month, is quite a challenge in the tight spaces. Take a look at a simulation on how demolition will proceed:

The new heart of the campus will comprise a stunning 13-storey building overlooking a new public square with an adjoining 6-storey structure facing onto Houghton Street. The new buildings should be ready in 2018, the year of the 20th Jubilee of the Swiss LSE Alumni Association.


City joins University

At its meeting on 15 July, the Board of Trustees of our University has agreed to accept the City University London ("City") at its 18th College. "City" intends to formally join the University in August 2016, to give time for the UK Privy Council to agree to a supplementary Royal Charter which will change the name of "City" to reflect that it will have become a College of the University of London.

"City" was founded in 1894 as the Northampton Institute with the objective of "the promotion of the industrial skill, general knowledge, health and well-being of young men and women belonging to the poorer classes". It became City University London by Royal Charter in 1966. The Inns of Court School of Law, which merged with "City" in 2001, was established in 1852, making it the university's oldest constituent part.

The SLSEAA has congratulated "City" and its alumnae and alumni in Switzerland and will include them in the 12th True Purple on 1 December and in the "London Dragons" intercollegiate alumni sports team.


Call for Volunteers

Would you enjoy serving your fellow LSE alumnae and alumni? The Association has a wide range of positions, from the regular to the quirky, for which motivated volunteers are constantly sought. Do you live and breathe alumni relations? Then the Secretary Generalship is your calling. Do you enjoy financial accounting? Then being our next Treasurer will make you happy. Are you more of a wheeler-dealer? Then negotiate some good deals as our Benefits and Services Officer. Or are you more of a techie? Then IT and Web Officer is the perfect position for you. Are you a jurist? Then become our Legal Affairs Officer. Would you like to bring LSE alumnae and alumni together? Then engage as an Events Officer. For more information, please consult:



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