News & Views January 2015

Personal networking, latest issue of the membership journal, upcoming events and the School estate


Personal Networking

Our events are the best place to meet new people and to expand your personal network. Additionally, I encourage you join our private networking group on LinkedIn:

and on XING:

to personally connect to your fellow SLSEAA members.


Membership Journal

The latest issue of our membership journal "Foreign Affairs" is all about entrepreneurialism and entrepreneurs. The issue starts with intriguing interviews with six leading practitioners: Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Marcelo Claure (Brightstar, Sprint), Helen Greiner (iRobot), Mo Ibrahim (Celtel), Niklas Zennstrom (Kazaa, Skype) and Michael Moritz (Google, PayPal, Yahoo). Thereafter, James Bessen describes how vested interests are a powerful inhibitor of entrepreneurial progress. The crucial role of government in spurring innovation is explored by Mariana Mazzucato. Bryan Mezue, Clayton Christensen and Derek van Bever explain how developing economies can advance by taking advantage of market-creating innovations.

You don't have access to our membership journal yet? Activate your SLSEAA subscription through URL:

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Upcoming Events

Monday, 2 February: The Vietnamese Dinners in Geneva and Zurich


Saturday, 14 March: The LSE-MIT-ETH Field Trip to the Gotthard Base Tunnel (First Group) Saturday, 21 March: The LSE-MIT-ETH Field Trip to the Gotthard Base Tunnel (Second Group)


School Estate

Trenches were dug all over campus in preparation for the main event: the Centre Building Redevelopment about which I've updated you a few months ago. The trenches identified any utility diversions which are required before redevelopment can start. These weeks are your last chance to revisit your "Old School". The East Building, Clare Market, the Anchorage and the eastern part of St. Clements will be coming down soon. Construction of the impressive Centre Building will start in 2016 and be completed in 2018, incidentally in the same year the SLSEAA will be celebrating its 20 Year Jubilee. An exhibition about the redevelopment has recently opened in part of the former Three Tuns at the junction of Clare Market and Houghton Street.




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