News & Views September 2016

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New College of our University

Today, "City" becomes the 18th College of our University. "City" is a leading higher education institution committed to academic excellence, focused on business and the professions and located in the heart of London. The oldest constituent part of the College was established in 1852. Mahatma Gandhi, Clement Attlee, Jawaharlal Nehru, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair are some of its known alumnae and alumni. The SLSEAA is welcoming City alumnae and alumni to the UoL family and inviting them to our intercollegiate activities and events.


Upcoming LSE Alumni Events

Networking Luncheon with polar explorer Tim Jarvis, Geneva, 29 September:

The Founders' Dinner, the Association's annual black tie event, Geneva, 4 November:

13th True Purple, the Association's annual intercollegiate evenings, Basle, Berne, Geneva, Lugano, St. Gallen and Zurich, 1 December:


LSE Alumni/ae Health Insurance Discounts, Dates and Deadlines

If you are insured by SWICA, you can take advantage of discounts of 10 to 20 percent while keeping your current health insurance policy. The discounts under the Association's Collective Health Insurance Scheme are not automatically applied. You must request them. For more information, visit:

If you are insured elsewhere but would like to compare insurance premiums, you can ask SWICA to make you an offer for health insurance cover under the SLSEAA Collective Health Insurance Scheme:

Your current insurer will notify you of premium changes by 31 October. If you want to change to the SLSEAA Collective Health Insurance Scheme, you must cancel your current policy by 30 November.


Membership Journal - Special Brexit Issue

A special issue of our designated membership journal "Foreign Affairs" presents an anthology of the Brexit. Essays start with the backstory of the United Kingdom's relationship with Europe and continue with the road towards Britain's exit from the European Union. Log in as a member to access this special issue:


Membership Journal - Regular Issue

The September/October issue of our membership journal is about tomorrow's military. In the introductory interview, General Martin Dempsey, the recently retired Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, United States Armed Forces, reviews some of the issues making the current period the most dangerous since the WWII. Fred Kaplan reviews nuclear weapons policy, and Andrew Bacevich makes the case for a less global and a correspondingly restrained military policy. How to uphold the rule of law in the South China Sea is laid out by Mira Rapp-Hooper. Additional essays include Jakub Grygiel's Return of Europe's Nation-States as the upside to the EU's crisis and David Omand's Keeping Europe Safe in the age of terrorism.

Activate (or deactivate) your journal benefit via:


Benefits and Services for New and Recent LSE Graduates

New and recent LSE graduates are directed to the Association's career-related benefits and services.

The JobAgent Service:

The Career Development Mentoring (CDM) Programme:

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