News & Views December 2016

Member Numbers, LSE Alumni Events, Secure Communication, Mobile Payments and the World Out of Order


Member Numbers

In 2016, the Association has welcomed 56 new members, and, on 23 December, our 923rd member. Hence, we'll soon have 4-digit Member Numbers.

Use your Member Number to access member-only information, benefits and services. You can find your Member Number on any postal mailing. Next week, you will also receive an e-mail with your full login credentials and a link to an instructional video.

Did you know that you get rewarded for (re-)connecting your fellow LSE alumnae and alumni to each other? To learn more about the New Member Referral Programme, head to URL:


Upcoming LSE Alumni Events

As always, all of our activities and events are open to all LSE alumnae and alumni.

The Mongolian Dinners, Wednesday, 18 January 2017, in Basle, Geneva and Zurich:

Special Visit to the Opening of Parliament, Monday, 27 February 2017, in Berne:

Networking Luncheon with General Sir Richard Shirreff, Wednesday, 29 March 2017, in Geneva:


Secure Communication

We have stepped up our game to enhance your privacy. Credit card transactions have always been encrypted. Now, the Web servers of both the Association and the Foundation have been upgraded to encrypt *all* communications to and from all visitors.

Please adjust your bookmarks

for the Association

for the Foundation

Encrypted communication is indicated with a lock icon in the address bar of your Web browser.

We would like to acknowledge SwissSign AG, a subsidiary of Swiss Post, for fully sponsoring the Association and the Foundation with the necessary digital public key infrastructure (PKI) assets for the next 3 years.


Estate Development

Last year, the School took full ownership of 44 Lincoln's Inn Fields, the sizable land plot and building adjoining the Royal College of Surgeons. The current building will be competely demolished in Autumn 2017, and the new Paul Marshall Building will be ready for occupation in Spring 2021. Paul Marshall is a major benefactor of LSE, having recently contributed CHF 38 million – the School’s largest private philanthropic donation to date – for the creation of the Marshall Institute for Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship and towards the redevelopment of 44 Lincoln’s Inn Fields. The Paul Marshall Building will also house the Departments of Management, Accounting and Finance, the Financial Markets Group, the Systemic Risk Centre, a new sports centre with a multipurpose sports hall, a teaching and learning hub and arts rehearsal facilities.

The design of Grafton Architects has been selected as the winner of the international architectural competition:

Swiss architects Herzog und de Meuron also made a submission:

Nonetheless, Switzerland does have a landmark at the School. The Swiss LSE Alumni Association was honored with a named School property, a smaller one reflecting the size of our gift:


Mobile Payments

The Association has joined TWINT. From 2017 onwards, LSE alumnae and alumni will be able to easily and quickly make cashless payments through their mobile phones and tablets. TWINT works on iOS and Android devices and is the new Swiss standard for mobile payments supported by all major Swiss banks and retailers. Take notice of the green TWINT beacons popping up in shops all around you, including Migros and Coop.

For further information on TWINT and to download the app, go to:


Membership Journal - Regular Issue

The just published January/February 2017 issue is about the future of the International System. After two modern world wars, genocides, tyranny and economic depression, it finally dawned on national leaders that countries are stronger together. A system of international institutions, bilateral and multilateral trade agreements and regional military alliances emerged, ushering in an era of economic development and social progress unprecedented in human history. However, this system has been fraying around the edges for years. The authors of this issue offer a menu of remedies, from Robin Niblett's refreshing of liberal democracy to Richard Haass's new conception of order. Enjoy the read.

Activate (or deactivate) your journal benefit via:


Tweets for Alums

Did you know that not only Trump tweets but also the SLSEAA? Please follow our nice tweets on the many activities, events, benefits and services for LSE alumnae and alumni:


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