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Media Collections

View all the photos and videos of our activities and events in our Media Collections:


New Benefits for LSE Alumnae and Alumni

Benefit No. 30: Special subscription to the New York Times

The Association has become a corporate subscriber of the New York Times. As a result, LSE alumnae and alumni in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein can get the New York Times for a nominal cover charge of CHF 78 (SLSEAA members) respectively CHF 102 per year (non-members). A regular subscription costs CHF 430.

First published in 1851, the New York Times, nicknamed "The Grey Lady", is one of the world's most trusted daily newspapers. It has won 117 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other news organization. With over 20 foreign bureaus, the NYT covers all regions of the world.

Under the agreement between the Association and the New York Times Company, LSE alumnae and alumni get unlimited access, anytime and anywhere, through any device, including to the full archives from 1851. One of the motivations for the SLSEAA to offer the NYT is to give LSE alumnae and alumni well-researched reporting, analysis and commentaries on the world both in the Trump era and under the profound changes in the international systems. Get "The Grey Lady" today via:

Benefit No. 31: Discounted subscription to Le Temps

Members of the Association are offered a 20 percent discount on new and renewed subscriptions to the newspaper of record of French-speaking Switzerland. Subscribe today via:


Call for Volunteers

The Association is recruiting for the following Officer positions:

One Secretary General, who is driven to excellence and committed to leadership in alumnae and alumni relations.

One Treasurer, who enjoys doing financial accounting, collecting dues and filing corporate tax returns.

Any number of Benefits and Services Officers, who know the art of the deal.

Any number of Events Officers, who like to bring people together.

One IT and Web Officer, who takes great pride of being a bit nerdy.

One Legal Affairs Officer, who understands what really should rule the world.

The Annual Reunion and General Meeting 2017 is on 27 June in Zurich. For the detailed terms of reference for all of the Officer positions, please visit:

For the Regulations for the Appointment of Officers of the Association, please visit:


Upcoming LSE Alumni Events

Networking Luncheon with General Sir Richard Shirreff, 29 March, in Geneva

Get an insider's view from the Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe 2011-2014

Luncheons for Alumnae, 12 April, in Geneva and Zurich

The future is female. Enjoy lunch without men and connect with fellow LSE alumnae (i.e. female graduates)

The Russian Revolution, Switzerland and the LSE, 2 May, in Zurich

One hundred years ago, food shortages in Russia triggered riots on the streets of the capital Petrograd and kicked off the Russian Revolution, a chain of events that would change the course of world history.


Membership Journal

It is time to turn and face the strange. The March/April issue is all about the new guy in the White House. Walter Russell Mead explores the popular revolt that resulted in the election of the most unusual U.S. President in modern times. Other authors explore various policy areas:

Trump and the Economy
Trump and Russia
Trump and China
Trump and Terrorism
Trump and the Holy Land
Trump and North Korea
Trump and World Order

Enjoy the read.


Member for Members

Do you temporarily rent out your beautiful apartment or a nice room to business and recreational travelers through either a local agent, a regional tourist office or an online marketplace like Airbnb? Attract traveling LSE alumnae and alumni by featuring your listing in our Member for Members Benefits Programme:

Please submit the URL of your listing by e-mail to the Secretary General. Under the programme, members are given the opportunity to offer their own benefits and services to their fellow members. If you own a company, have authored a book, are pursuing a special venture or offer the above, consider offering special access and terms to members of the Association.


Academy Award for LSE Alumna and LSE Alumnus

Producer Joanna Natasegara (MSc Human Rights 2005) and director Orlando von Einsiedel (MSc Anthropology 2009) won the Academy Award for their short documentary, The White Helmets, that follows the daily lives of the volunteer rescue workers of the Syrian Civil Defense operating in rebel-held parts of Syria. Watch the trailer:


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